A Quick Tip for Healing and Cloning in Photoshop

Are you having trouble retracing your editing steps when it comes to healing and cloning in Photoshop? Pye from SLR Lounge shares a quick tip that will help you improve your workflow:

When most of us get into Photoshop the first he we do is hit Ctrl + J or Cmd + J on our background layer to duplicate the layer. We then make all our adjustment on the new layer. This is a fine non-destructive editing method.

But Pye has an easier approach.

1. Create a new layer and call it your Clone/Heal Layer.


2. Hit J or S to select either the healing or cloning stamp.

3. Set the tool to sample “Current & Below” layers.


4. Hold down Alt or Option to sample an area and heal or clone a problem area.

photoshop workflow tip

It’s a simple tip, but it makes a huge difference in your workflow. The beauty in this method is that you can easily turn your edits on or off and paint out adjustments with the eraser tool.

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