A Photographer’s Creative Marriage Proposal Caught on Video

Being a photographer means having the creative view to transform each moment into an unforgettable one—even if that’s a difficult thing to do! You’ll see what I mean in just a moment, after watching the video below. Marvin Lewis and his girlfriend have a special tradition each year on their anniversary: they get dressed up and have a special photo shoot. This year, Lewis surprised his significant other with an extra special photo shoot:

During what was already a special moment Lewis took it one step further and proposed to his girlfriend. Talk about stepping it up! They were both extremely nervous, but in the end everything worked out as intended – she said yes and instead of having a normal anniversary photo shoot they had their engagement shoot instead!

a photographer's photo shoot

This will no doubt be a fond memory for Lewis and his wife-to-be and they will be glad they had this special moment in a professional studio—on top of it all, he even caught it on a GoPro camera that he held in his hand during the proposal!

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