A Humble Wall as a Portrait Photography Studio

Sometimes, the simplest of setups can be the most effective. In this video from photographer Gary Fong, we see how to use two simple off-camera flashguns, a snoot, some color gels, and a plain wall to create a dynamic and interesting look for a photo shoot:

To set up his simple studio Gary does the following:

  • He places one of the Canon flashguns low down in front of the wall and attaches his own brand Powersnoot attachment and a colored gel.
  • He then sets the flash exposure manually via the slave unit to get a deep rich color from the flash on the wall.
  • The second Canon flash is positioned to the right of the wall, high up on a pole pointing toward the model’s position.
  • The model is asked to face the second flash light or toward the camera.

Plain Wall Studio Setup

The resulting images demonstrate how effective and dramatic this simple lighting setup truly is.

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One response to “A Humble Wall as a Portrait Photography Studio”

  1. its amazing what you can get in a small space with just a couple of flashes and colored gels

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