A Frame Within a Frame: Ideas for Better Photo Composition

While playing with composition, you’ve probably come to understand the notion of a “frame within a frame.” It’s interesting how many opportunities there are for framing the scenes around us, and yet they often go unnoticed. Maybe it’s a plain open window with a view of the mountains or the frame of the glasses that reveals interesting bug life on an old wooden table. Options and opportunities are limitless, and all around us. Grab your camera and look around in search for some “natural” frames. For starters, take a look at what we’ve found:

window, child, door, frame

photo by amanda tipton

frame, castle, nature

photo by Jamie Davies

frame, beach, girls, summer

photo by Wendy Nelson

building, architecture, frame

photo by Brett Sayer

beach, frame

photo by Gregory Tran

window, frame, brick

photo by David Ingram

building, architecture, frame

photo by Adam

nature, frame

photo by Pacheco

Got the idea? Take some shots and share your links in the comments section!

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