A Deeper Frame eBook

deeper frame ebook

A Deeper Frame eBook

A Deeper Frame: Creating Deeper Photographs & More Engaging Experiences by David duChemin was released today and discusses the ways in which we express vision in photography. You’ll find this book refreshingly free of that word, vision, in fact.

Here the topic is simple, though for something so simple it amazes me that it’s so seldom focused on in the popular teachings of photography. The goal of this eBook is to teach you how to engage those who view your work.

The author hopes readers will gain:

  1. a greater understanding that your decisions with the camera affect the experience of the eventual reader of your photograph,
  2. greater appreciation for the need of photographers themselves to create the illusion of depth in an otherwise flat photograph, and
  3. an expanded toolkit for intentionally creating that illusion in your own work.

duChemin says, “Most of us make photographs for the same diversity of reasons that people write. Some do so simply to express themselves, others to communicate to others. For those of us to whom our audience is important, what we’re trying to accomplish stongly involves the experience of the reader.”

There are many ways to engage the reader – devices like comedy or tragedy, for example. Depth is one of the most inclusive of the visual tools at our disposal. Depth pulls the reader into the frame. In most photographs the sense of depth comes from a number of elements that play together. In this photograph of the harbour of Vernazza, the lines are less clear but no less powerful than more common leading lines that draw the eye into the image. The colour-depth and the 14mm lens work to do the same thing.

ebook a deeper frame

A Deeper Frame eBook

David duChemin is a world & humanitarian photographer, best-selling author, and international workshop leader. When he is not writing, he travels the world on international photography assignments.

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