A Day in the Life of a Camera Repair Master

In an age where conglomerates such as Canon and Nikon rule the market, it can be easy to overlook small photography studios and workshops. However, if you take a moment to speak to the people behind these businesses, it’s easy to see the magic that cameras bring to the lives of those who love them most. David Drills stumbled upon one such shop on the streets of Milan, where he found technician Gian Luigi Caminati hard at work:

Eloquent and poetic, Carmati details the thoughts and feelings he’s accumulated over the course of he 60 year affair with photography in this brief yet thoughtful documentary. Though the times have changed since he first began to tinker with the inner mechanics of film cameras, he still maintains a refreshing sense of optimism and playfulness. Despite adjustments and innovations in the field, the qualities that initially attracted him to the medium over half a century ago still thrive in the hearts of young aspiring photographer’s today—wonder, surprise, and confidence to capture the world with just the touch of a button.

vintage medium format camera

Gian Luigi Caminati

“The analog is always fascinating because we all want the surprise. With the digital, there is no surprise left, you know immediately if it’s good or not…if I could talk to a camera, I would thank her because photography has played a big role in my life.”

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