8 Tips to Improve Your Photography with the Camera You Already Have

For all conceivable reasons the iPhone is often the only camera that millions of people around the globe ever use. It’s convenient, sharp, and is arguably the best camera—because it’s always with you! Whether you use a smartphone or a DSLR as your go-to camera, these eight tips from Marc Silber will no doubt help you make better photos:

1.  You don’t take photographs, you make them

This is the golden adage from the greatest landscape photographer ever, Ansel Adams. Making encompasses much more personal effort than taking, which is more like shooting without thinking.

2. The most important point of photography is YOU and not the camera

The camera only captures what you envision. It’s just a tool and is not even that good when it comes to seeing things. You tell it what to look at and how to look at it.

3. Tell a story

A good picture is like a good story. It should be devoid of anything that doesn’t add to the plot. A good photographer is like a good story teller—precise and to the point.

iphone photography tips

Tell a story.

4. Focus on the key element of the image

Focus on the main element of the image. An image that is cluttered with too much going on in it isn’t a great way of telling your viewers what to focus on. Focus only on what you want your viewers to look at and leave out the rest.

better iphone photography

Focus on the main element of the image.

5. Frame your photos

Framing denotes using anything in your image that frames and draws emphasis to the main subject.

“Look for something that establishes a border of your photograph. That does a bunch of different things. One, it establishes the context of the photograph.”

6. Use your feet to zoom

Never ever use digital zoom. Always zoom with your feet. You will be glad you did so when you see your images on a bigger screen.

never use digital zoom

Zoom with your feet

7. Take care of your camera

You are your camera’s best friend (and vice versa) and your iPhone is just like any other camera. It is a delicate thing—especially the lens. Clean your camera lens as often as you can to ensure there are no smudges, stains, or dirt.

8. Adjust your focus and exposure

Most smartphones allow you to adjust both the focus and the exposure of your images. This gives an incredible advantage to photographers who wish to be more creative with their photography. To focus, simply tap on the element that you want to be the sharpest and the camera reacquires focus on that spot.

focus by tapping on iphone

You can change the focus point by tapping on the screen.

To change exposure on an iPhone, swipe your finger up or down. Swiping up increases exposure and swiping down does the opposite.

Bonus Tip

Did you know that your iPhone has a remote shutter release? It’s the plus and minus volume control button on the headphones. Using it helps keep your images steady, because you don’t have to touch your camera in order to make an image.

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