7 Ways to Move Lightroom Sliders for Photo Editing

Did you know that there are seven different methods for making adjustments in Lightroom’s Develop module? Benjamin Warde demonstrates each option for adjusting exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, and more:

  1. Click on the slider handle and drag left or right.
  2. Click on the slider ramps and the slider will move to where you clicked.
  3. Input a number in the text entry field.
  4. Click and drag left or right in the text entry field.
  5. Click and drag left or right on the histogram, or use the tone curve.
  6. Use the targeted adjustment tool.
  7. Hover your cursor over a slider handle and use your arrow keys to increase or decrease.

how to make adjustments using Adobe Lightroom sliders

Which is your preferred method? Do you know of another way to make adjustments quickly?

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