7 Tips to Make You A Cooler Photographer

Everyone has seen that photographer at one time or another. He’s the guy rocking his camera around his neck, gazing around his surroundings in a perplexed manner while his model rolls her eyes and glances at her watch. Clearly, he doesn’t have a clue and is one of the least cool photographers in the business.

Photographer Jimmy Hickey comes to the rescue of this poor soul (and many photographers like him) in his seven tip tutorial. Hickey explains why it’s important to look cool while snapping photos since, as a photographer, “you are representing the art as a whole.”

7 tips to being a cooler photographer

1. Don’t be a tourist.
Avoid wearing your camera strap around your neck unless you have a desire to look incredibly uncool. Instead, wear the strap over your shoulder or just grab the camera with your hands. Hickey’s one caveat is that you should wear the neck strap when you are shooting over a cliff, near water, or in any other spot where you have the potential to drop or lose your camera.

2. Relate to your subject.
Express genuine interest in your subject in order to connect with him and make him more relaxed in front of the camera.

3. Everything you do is intentional.
Stay confident, roll with the punches, and work with any situation in the best way possible.

4. Avoid cheap filters.
They may protect your lens, but you will sacrifice the quality of your image.

5. Muscle your creativity.
Trust your gut when shooting and strive to make your work stand out from the pack.

6. Hold your camera correctly.
Place your left hand palm-up to support and focus your lens while your right hand grips the camera body and controls the shutter.

7. Your camera gear is made to be used.
Get in there and get the shot. Hickey says that sometimes, you can’t get the amazing shots without risking your gear.

cool photography, best shot

Using your camera near water comes with risks, but can get you a cool shot.

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6 responses to “7 Tips to Make You A Cooler Photographer”

  1. Ron says:

    Um yea…THIS GUY should be teaching people how to be cool?

    • Oltjon says:

      I agree, and normally I love this site’s articles but this is trying way too hard to be cool. Wan’t to be a cool photographer? Go get some badass shots..

  2. Yeah! says:

    I bet this guy says “It’s a Rap” at the end of his shoots and “Let’s Hip-Hop To It” at the beginning.

  3. Click To Shoot Photography says:

    Hmm, can’t say I relished this article. Seems like some over the top suggestions to be cool. I really don’t suppose you need to focus so much on trying to be a cool photographer, as much as concentrating on getting the best shots in a given situation.

  4. Paul Wilson says:

    He is totally right in everything he says. If you look like a retard your pictures are most likely going to be retarded. Oltjon is probably that guy who turns up to the summer beach in cargo pants and a woolen jersey…..
    Building your customers confidence will in turn build yours.

  5. Renata Sdao says:

    Unfortunately, I have the opposite problem. Where’s the article on how to not look too cool when you’re out on a shoot?

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