7 Life Lessons Learned Through Photography

From a disastrous and drunken night in Central Mongolia to seeing more than what the eye beholds within the Samuru tribe of Kenya and Tanzania, British photographer Jimmy Nelson shares with us how he has used his photography and human connection to learn more about important life lessons, including humor, judgement, knowledge, pride, reflection, respect, and vulnerability. This amazing video offers insight to some of Nelson’s most intimate stories from throughout his lifetime as a photographer:

For over three decades, Nelson has been photographing people and places from all over the globe. He has made it his life’s ambition to capture these incredible cultural traditions and locations from vanishing tribes around the world.

Nenets, reindeer

Indigenous Nenets namads use reindeer for transportation, meat, clothing and various other uses in Siberia / Yamal

Dassanech, Ethiopia

Dassanech Tribe members from Ethiopia

Tsaatan, reindeer, Mongolia

Mongolian Tsaatan Tribe Member with Reindeer

Himba, Namibia

Himba tribe member Peraa Muhenje from Namibia

Nenets, nomad, Yamal

A Nenets man from Siberia – Yamal

Through his photography and film, Nelson’s work has shown the natural beauty of these fading and fragile customs, proving time and time again that the true universal language of the world is photography.

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