6 Easy Ways to Get More Creative Photos

If you feel like your photos are lacking something or you’re stuck in a rut creatively, you can shake up your photography by trying a new approach. SLR Lounge¬†helps us out with six ideas to push you and challenge your style. Trying one or all of these can help inspire your next shoot:

1. Shutter Drag

long exposure

Add motion to your photos by leaving your shutter open longer.

2. Add Fog or Smoke

foggy ambiance

Create a completely different and dramatic ambiance to your photo.

3. Use a Foreground

foreground object

Place something in front of your subject that is still in the frame. This adds depth and interest.

4. Use Creative White Balance

colored gels

Add colorful gels on your flash to add a hue to your light source.

5. Create Your Own Motion

motion capture

Use your flash to freeze your subject, but also use the motion of your camera and other objects to create movement elsewhere.

6. Use Silhouettes

black and white profile

Purposely underexpose your subjects to create drama and add artistic flair.

What are some other techniques you use for making your shots more creative?

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