6 Easy DIY Photography Gifts for Last Minute Shoppers

The holidays are upon us, and I don’t know about you, but some of us scatterbrained artist-types are pretty last-minute shoppers. If you’re in that group, the folks over at The Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) have some quick and easy DIY photography ideas for you in the following video:

Iron On Photograph


How to make one:

  1. You’ll want to flip your image horizontally in your photo editing software before printing it; otherwise, the transfer process will reverse the image.
  2. After flipping the image, print it out, and tape it to the piece of wood (printed image should be face-down).
  3. Tape the image on to secure it in place.
  4. Iron away, keeping heat constant. This will transfer the ink onto the piece of wood, producing the following results:
Laserjet print ironed on to a piece of wood.

Laserjet print ironed on to a piece of wood.

Wood Transfer


How to make one:

  1. As above, flip your image in photo-editing software before printing, and then print it out on regular printstock using a laserjet printer.
  2. Coat the piece of wood in matte gel. Make sure that the gel is smooth and even.
  3.  Lay your photograph face-down on the matte gel, smooth out any creases, and let it sit for eight hours.
  4. After 8 hours, wipe the paper off of the wood sheet with a rag.
  5. Mod Podge the whole surface, and enjoy the results!

Completed wood transfer project.

Photographic Lampshade

For this one, you’ll need a lamp with a transparent shade, some tape, and a photograph that you’ve printed onto a transparency. Simply tape the transparency on, and voila:

Photographic lampshade.

Photographic lampshade.

Eternal Flame


How to make one:

  1. Tape your negatives onto the candle holder.
  2. Light and enjoy.
"Eternal Flame" candleholder.

“Eternal Flame” candleholder.



How to make one:

  1. Find a decorative lantern.
  2. Print a photograph onto a transparent sheet (you can do this with a laserjet printer or at a copy center).
  3. Cut the transparency to the size of the lantern panes and tape on.
Photographic lantern.

Photographic lantern.

“Wax Wonder” Photo Candle


How to make one:

  1.  Print your photograph on regular print stock. Make sure that it fits well around the candle.
  2.  Cut your wax paper to match the size of the candle and photograph.
  3.  Wrap the photograph and wax paper around the candle (photograph between wax paper and candle), and apply heat with the hairdryer until the surface of the candle begins to melt.
  4. Remove wax paper, and you’re done!
"Wax Wonder" photo candle.

“Wax Wonder” photo candle.

These are just a few easy DIY gift ideas that you still have time to make for the holidays. Do you have any great plans for homemade photography presents? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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One response to “6 Easy DIY Photography Gifts for Last Minute Shoppers”

  1. Joseph Tremain says:

    When using the wood transfer, what are using, if anything, on the rag to get the paper off? I tried the process on three different pieces and the paper is hard and not coming off. I am using normal print paper as described. I was able to get the paper off without too much damage to the print by running it under water, which was the only way I found to soften the paper. Thanks.

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