5 Ways to Use a Plastic Bag in Your Photography

Finding items around you to use in your photography can be challenging and may not produce the result you were looking for. Still, there are always more ways to find items that will affect your shot to create a desired effect in your photography. Chung Dha demonstrates the different ways that he has used a plastic bag in his photography. It is a quick and cost effective method to influence the flash or protect your camera:

1. Flash Diffuser

Inflate the bag, tie a knot, and attach it to the flash on your camera.

flash diffuser photography

2. Color Filter

Inflate the colored bag, tie a knot, and attach to an external flash.

cheap diy color filter for photos

3. Soft Edge Effect Filter

Wrap over the front of your lens and secure a rubber band around it to keep the bag in place.

soft edge filter

4. Rain Cover

Wrap a bag around the entire camera and make sure that it covers the top of your lens to prevent any rain running down onto it.

5. Rain Bag

In a sudden downfall of rain, you can use a plastic bag as an extra safeguard against water damage. Put your camera in its bag and then wrap it in the plastic bag.

In this video, Chung used several cameras and lenses to display the effects that the plastic bag had upon them. They included the Sony a5100, a Sony a6300, a Sony 35mm f/1.8 lens and a Sony 16mm f/2.8 lens. If you didn’t before, now’s the time to pack one or two plastic bags with your equipment and try them out!

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