5 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Photography

If you ever feel uninspired or can’t think of how to change up your photography, look no further. Peter McKinnon offers his viewers some advice on how to pay attention and instantly improve their photography. His tips are aimed toward setting yourself apart in your work instead of following the work of others. In doing so, you can create more inspiring work and hopefully find your niche:

1. Vary Your Angles

Instead of simply snapping the subject at the easiest angle or straight on, take some extra time to think about the best angle and height for shooting your subject. Objects typically appear better if they’re taken at waist level or at the same height that they’re positioned.

2. Shoot Through Something

Work on putting different items in front of your lens for a creative perspective that can influence the focus and detail in your images. Some item placement adds the bokeh effect and creates out-of-focus elements. You can also shoot through something blocking your subject, such as tree leaves or a window, for example.

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3. Think Opposite to Other Photographers

Most people take the same photo of a beautiful landscape when they arrive and first see it. Think of where that spot would be that they take the photo from and then devise where you should position yourself instead. Changing the perspective that you shoot from will set your work apart from the rest.

4. Pay Attention to Lighting

If your composition isn’t lit well, it simply won’t look as good. Stand by a window for natural lighting instead of resorting to equipment in some situations. If the image is too dark and isn’t turning out the way you want it, opt to try again the next day until you find the look you’re searching for. Never settle!

5. Place Objects in the Frame

Place objects in the frame to help tell the story further. Provide an atmosphere and change the focus. How you position and focus on different items in the frame will change the message behind each image. Give this a try and see how it affects your normal shots.

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Did you enjoy hearing these tips? Give them a try to find out more about how you excel as a photographer and what areas need improvement!

“It’s these little things–these little tips–that end up producing huge results.”

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