5 Things You Need for Landscape Photography

When starting out in photography, it is quite common for beginners to be curious about gear. When it comes to landscape photography, this can get even more confusing because of the variety of equipment specifically designed to help take supposedly better landscape photographs. If you have been wondering about what you need to start landscape photography, we have the right video for you. Photographer Attilio Ruffo talks about just the five things that he recommends starting with for landscape photography:

What ranks among Ruffo’s must-have equipment? A camera and lens are the two most obvious ones on the list, along with a proper camera bag, a sturdy tripod and editing software. For a bonus, he also suggests getting a good polarizing filter.

It’s a fairly simple list, but Ruffo doesn’t stop at listing them out. He also thoroughly explains the parameters you should be looking at when choosing this equipment. For instance, when picking a camera, he recommends getting a full-frame one for landscape photography. That’s because these cameras have more flexible RAW files, perform well in low-light conditions (blue hour and golden hour) and have a greater dynamic range. Similarly, when it comes to choosing a lens for landscape photography, go for a wide-angle prime lens. Such lenses are budget-friendly, give you greater flexibility and are also small and light.

“Don’t waste your money. Invest in a good wide-angle prime lens.”

Ruffo also walks through the key points in selecting a camera bag, tripod and polarizer filter. And although not technically gear, he also recommends getting and learning to use good software for post-processing. RAW files from your camera are flat and “uncooked”. You need to work on them to add some life.

What’s your must-have gear for landscape photography?

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One response to “5 Things You Need for Landscape Photography”

  1. JOHN COLE says:

    full frame lens and camera are not needed save money buy a mirrorless camera and macro lens

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