5 Quick Photography Tricks

Looking for the next big idea to up your photography game? Try these easy to implement hacks from Photo Tom. All you need is a tripod, a neutral density filter (6 to 10 stops), a remote trigger, a filter holder:

1. Long exposures in unusual places

A neutral density (ND) filter opens up a completely new world, so far as photography is concerned. You can do a lot of things if you know how to use it.

Place the camera on a tripod, attach the filter holder to the lens, and mount the ND filter.

tools for photography hacks

Make long exposures of places and things you would normally never shoot with a ND filter. Try looking for elements that stay fixed side by side with elements that move.

photography hacks

2. Move your camera during exposures

With the ND filter, you can experiment with moving your camera while triggering the exposure. Try moving your camera in an up and down motion, and then try a circling motion.

unique shooting ideas

Use a long shutter speed to ensure that your camera shutter remains open for a long period of time to record the movement.

3.  Zoom while exposing

zooming when exposing

Zooming while exposing is one of the easiest of methods to produce a unique image. At first try either zooming in or zooming out when exposing. Then try to rotate the camera while zooming in (or out) for a twisting effect.

4. Use graduated filters in an unusual way

There are more things you can do with a set of graduated filters than you think. Set up your camera on a tripod. Mount the filter holder and then mount two graduated ND filters like this:

photography hacks

This will create a path of light like this:

create a path of light

You don’t need two identical filters to do this. They can be of two different light stopping powers and still produce this sort of amazing picture.

5. Create a cinemagraph


The last hack is the simplest. Create a cinemagraph with your camera.

Let us know if you try any of these ideas out!

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