5 Photography Tips for Engagement Shoots

Do you ever feel unprepared when you arrive at an engagement shoot location? Have you spent several agonizing minutes looking around at your surroundings, trying to compose a creative shot in your mind, while your clients looked on uncomfortably? Photographer Jasmine Star says you’re not alone. She fields the “what should I do before I go out on a shoot” question from other photographers quite often. To help you out, Star put together these five tips to help you prepare for your next engagement photo shoot before you go out in the field:

5 Tips for Engagement Photo Shoots

  1. Find natural reflectors in advance. Use brick walls, white buildings, terra cotta surfaces, or anything else that indirectly reflects sunlight. Find these spots before your clients arrive so you know where to lead them during the shoot.
  2. Don’t go to the good spots first. Take time to warm up by shooting your subjects in settings that are decent, but not in “the ultimate spot.” You’ll want to save the best for last.
  3. Focus between shots. Don’t just focus your lens, but actually pay attention to what’s happening in your frame. Paying attention will help you anticipate the moments you’ll want to capture.
  4. Keep your camera in the shooting position. You must be ready to snap a photo at any time if you want to capture the most candid, natural reactions.
  5. Change your lens. Feeling stuck? A quick lens swap can give you a fresh look on what you may think is a stale situation. In her video, Star swaps out her Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM wide angle lens with her Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM lens.

engagement photo shoot tips

Remember, you’re giving your clients an experience. It’s up to you to make that experience fun and memorable.

“Clients respond better to their photographs when they can associate emotion to the experience. If my couple walks away after the engagement session and are more in love, had a great time, and have lots of fun, then I know I did everything I set out to do in addition to taking photographs.” –Jasmine Star

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