5 Creative Ways to Photograph Water and Ice

Out of ideas for what to shoot next? These five stunning photo ideas from COOPH will help get over your boredom and capture some breathtaking photos of water and ice:

1. Frame with Ice

Place fruits, vegetables, or any other object inside a container. Pour water into it. Close the lid and leave it to freeze inside the freezer.

5 ideas for water photos

Bring it out when the water has completely frozen. Place the object on a reflective surface; Plexiglas is a good option. Light from two sides. Compose your shot, and fire away.

ice photography

Don’t forget to experiment, as you can really take this idea and run with it.

5 stunning ideas to make water photos

2. Fire on Water

Create fire on water to make a stunning visual masterpiece. The technique is surprisingly simple. Add some food coloring to water in a container and top it up with lighter fluid. Light the concoction carefully. Let it burn while you snap away.

water photography

how to photograph water and ice

You can also bring on some of the leftover frozen objects and mix everything together for something even more visually stunning—fire on ice!

5 stunning ideas to make water photos

3. Long Exposures

Find some moving water—-a river, stream, waterfall, fountain, etc. Set up your camera on a tripod. Use a ND filter. Set a long exposure, and let your imagination run wild.

5 water photography ideas

4. The Water Portal

You might also have to get your feet wet for this one. Place a mirror in the water. Make sure to catch reflection of something other than the water in the mirror.

5 stunning ideas to make water photos

You can also shoot some stunning long exposure shots.

long exposure water photography

5. High Speed Photography

Drop objects into a glass tank filled with water. Freeze the moment by using flashes. Use two flashes, one on either side, to get that perfect look and feel.

creative water photography
photographing water and ice

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start using these tips to create your next masterpiece.

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