3 Ways to Avoid Awkward Wedding Photo Poses

Awkward photos tend to go viral across the internet, and while you may get a chuckle out of them, you certainly don’t want your wedding photos popping up on a “Top 10 Awkward Photos” blog.

In this video, wedding photographer Jasmine Star gives a few pointers on how to pose your bride and groom comfortably to avoid catching those awkward moments on camera:

Tips For Awkward-Free Wedding Photos

1. Encourage touch. Star tells her clients to make sure they’re touching each other at one or more points on their bodies. It can be as simple as holding hands, kissing, or interlocking fingers.

avoid awkward wedding photos

2. Focus on appendages. This may sound like a bit of an odd tip, but there are very few things more awkward than a limp limb dangling off to the side. Brides and grooms should be encouraged to do something active with their hands, like touching each other or holding an object.

Star also suggests her clients rest more weight in one leg in order to relax the body frame and look more natural.

pose the bride and groom

 3. Create physical tension. Star suggests forcing clients to interact by giving them something to do. You can suggest a movement like walking, kissing, or embracing, and capture that moment as they move toward one another.

photographer wedding pictures reception

Stagnant, overly-posed pictures tend to look quite awkward. As a photographer, use your imagination and fun personality to bring innovative “playtime” into the shoot. This allows your clients to have fun and feel more relaxed, and ultimately you can avoid capturing the dreaded awkward wedding photo.

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