3 Tips for Posing Wedding Photography

Getting wonderful captures of a couple on their wedding day is a challenge for most wedding photographers. It’s not just the lighting that they have to worry about. Posing, background, camera angle, and a hundred other things need to be considered to make those magazine cover quality photos. Making the couple look their best on the best day of their lives isn’t for the faint of heart, after all. Experienced wedding photographer Jasmine Star shares a few words of advice:

1. Prioritize Movement

Some wedding photographers love to micro-manage things. Lean forward, move your shoulders, raise your chin—you get the drift. Star loves a different approach.

wedding photography posing tips

Encourage natural interactions between the bride and the groom.

If she spots the couple interacting naturally she actually encourages them to continue doing so. That natural interaction leads to better photos rather than the posed ones.

2. Talk from Behind the Camera

Posing tips for wedding photographers

Give verbal clues so that your couple can pose better

Not everyone is a natural in front of the camera. It’s enough to feel weak at the knees on your wedding day, without the additional intimidation from a lens pointed at you! If things are going well but can be better, it’s the photographer’s job to communicate with the couple to give verbal cues. Point out what they’re doing well and give them advice on how to do it better.

3. Crop and Avoid

crop and avoid distracting backgrounds

Avoid distracting backgrounds

It’s easy to get lost in the focal point and be completely oblivious of what’s in the background. The last thing you want is a bunch of beautifully posed and perfectly lit photos with distracting background. Avoid hours with the pen tool in Photoshop by eliminating anything that you think is even remotely distracting in the background.

These three tips should help you improve your wedding photos without having to remember a laundry list of rules.

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