3 Must-Have Skills for a Landscape Photographer

Being able to take mind-blowing landscape photos is not just about equipment and camera settings. Since we are dealing with nature, which is something we can have no control over, we need to put in a lot more effort. It’s worthwhile to invest time and energy into developing our skills that can maximize our success in the field. To that end, today we have photographer Mads Peter Iversen presenting three important skills that will benefit you as a landscape photographer.

As with any photography genre, it is essential to pay close attention to your composition. Iversen also emphasizes that you compose your images with a precise structure. While they should be aesthetically pleasing, try not to overcomplicate them. As he rightly points out, viewers should not get confused about the focus of your image.

Also, remember that composition is not something for you to start thinking about when you’re in the field. Pre-visualization is another important skill that you should definitely spend time on. By pre-visualizing your composition, you can plan ahead and create your final photo before actually setting up your camera. Think of how the place will look in certain weather or lighting conditions, and try to actually be there during such conditions.

Another unique skillset Iversen recommends is to understand meteorology. This lets you predict how the weather’s going to behave and plan your photography accordingly. As he explains in the video, he was able to plan for foggy shots thanks to his understanding of the subject.

What is the most important skill that you think a landscape photographer must have? Let us know in the comments.

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