3 Influential Photographers Who Created Their Own Style

Developing a personal style of photography is ever important for becoming a great photographer. In fact, the most renowned photographers of the past all have something in common with each other—they all had a specific style that was unique to their work. The three photographers that Ted Forbes highlights in the clip below are no exceptions to that rule:

Luigi Ghirri

Born in Italy in 1943, Ghirri began focusing on his art in the 1970s when established a name for himself as an upcoming photography icon. As he continued to master his craft, he became more and more well known and was considered a pioneer for his unusual style, which sometimes blatantly buried irony beneath the muted tones and hues found in his images.

film photographer

Photo by Luigi Ghirri.

Ernst Haas

Austrian born photographer, Ernst Haas was also a photographic pioneer due to the fact he was at the forefront of the introduction of color photography. His use of the medium was during a time in which color photography wasn’t necessarily being taken seriously in art circles; yet the talented photographer insisted on using it. Haas is also well known for his artistic and perfectly executed use of motion blur, which helped the photographer achieve worldwide success as a photojournalist and artist.

motion blur

Photo by Ernst Haas

“What better profession could there be than the one of a photographer, almost a painter in a hurry, overwhelmed by too many constantly changing impressions?” – Ernst Haas

Dan Winters

celebrity photographer

Photo by Dan Winters

Winner of over 100 awards from well respected organizations, Dan Winters could be considered one of the most influential photographers alive today. As a portrait photographer, Winters spends most of his professional time snapping pictures of celebrities in a way that pays homage to classic portrait artists of the 19th century while infusing modern twists into the work.

These are just three inspiring color photographers. Which photographers do you find most influential? Let us know in the comments below!

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