3 Engagement Photo Posing Tips

When shooting engagement sessions, many wedding photographers focus on the kiss, but there’s a better way to capture the love between the couple. Award-winning wedding photographer Jasmine Star shares three posing tips for amazing engagement photos:

Tips for Posing Couples

1. Create movement

Tell your clients how you want them to move and what you want them to do; come up with an action plan.

2. It’s not about the kiss!

While a lot of photographers focus on the kiss, Star’s line of thinking on the matter is that it just ends up smushing the couple’s faces together. Instead, try to move them into a kiss slowly.

engagement session photo

Rather than tell your clients to kiss, get them to lean into a kiss slowly.

3. Talk from behind the camera

Guiding the couple along the way will make the whole process easier for everyone.

posing couples

Give lots of instructions from behind the camera.

If you follow these three simple tips, your next engagement session will run more smoothly, and you’ll end up with some lovely, and love-filled, images!

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