2015 Trends to Watch for in Creative Photography

As we sink deeper into a maze of technology, our world is becoming an interconnected mesh of ideas, differences, creative anecdotes and social upheavals. In a world that’s moving at a break-neck speed, creative photography is often a visual representation of that mesh. Trends in it are thus a representation of what we as individuals are believing, expressing, and experiencing. Getty Images shares its prediction of impending visual trends:

In 2015, Getty Images will celebrate 20 years as a company. That’s two decades at the crossroads where technology and creativity meets, creating a melting pot of extraordinary progress in technology and media. This progress has revolutionized how brands communicate with their customers and the whole concept of creative photography.

mutant nature

Mutant Nature

Getty Images has put together a collection of images that aptly represents the visual trends that we can expect to see in the new year and beyond. If you have any interest in stock photography or commercial photography, these trends are worth some attention.

2015 Commercial Photography Trends

  • Genderblend: exploring and expanding the boundaries of gender
  • Wonderlust: our fascination with the natural world
  • The Vanguardians: creators of a brighter future
  • Mutant Nature: challenging the power and mystery of nature
  • Merging Mediums: turning photographs into mixed media
  • Future Unknown: celebrating and embracing new technology
commercial photography trends




It’s a fascinating list of trends that captures the social and environmental changes that we’re currently experiencing and will continue to experience in the future.

creative trends in photography

Merging Mediums

What do you think about these images and trends? Powerful? Visionary? Confusing? Or downright bizarre? Share your thoughts below.

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