16 Tips to Take Your Instagram to the Next Level

How many amazing photographers do you follow on Instagram? Ever notice how the ones with millions of followers have a consistent theme, a signature look, and great stories to go with the photos? They keep the audience engaged and they stay engaged with other users. The photos and captions on Instagram are an incredible way of sharing your life, you just have to find creative ways to share those special moments. If you really want to up your game and get more followers, you might want to take a page out of Chris Burkard’s book. The adventure photographer has over two million people checking out his work on Instagram. In their latest video, COOPH teams up with Burkard to find out what it takes to build such a loyal community:

How to Get More Instagram Followers

1. Don’t just post selfies, they’re really not that exciting for anyone else. You need to go out on adventures, look for great light, and get the shots that people want to see.
2. Use the hyper lapse app and get fast-paced images.
3. Or, slow things down a bit with slow-motion.
4. Keep what you post consistent. You want to have photos with the same look and feel, and the same themes.

instagram theme
5. Use editing apps like VSCO and Snapseed.
6. Focus on telling a great story. Write an interesting caption to go with the photo.
7. Add a location to your photo to boost engagement. People like when they can relate, so if they’ve visited the location, or better yet, live there, then great.
8. Only use relevant hashtags.

relevant hashtags
9. Use Instagram Stories to engage with your audience.
10. Search hashtags you love and like and follow other people.
11. If you comment on someone else’s photos, they’re pretty likely to check out your account.
12. Look out for accounts that regram; tag them and they might give you a shoutout.
13. Share your Instagram handle everywhere—in your e-signature, on your website, etc.

share instagram handle everywhere
14. Stop monkeying around with #followback.
15. Stop ghost following; if people don’t follow you back, then unfollow them.
16. Don’t steal other people’s photos, get out there and take your own.

share instagram stories

It’s amazing what you can get out of Instagram if you just take the time to do it right. These images have to potential to be around for a long, long time. What you’re posting can tell the story of your life and will be there for you to look back on and tell your kids, even your grandkids, what you were really like. If you use Instagram with these tips in mind, you can build a strong and impressive following in no time.

“Be awesome, original and sociable.”

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