16 Ideas for Photography Income This Year

The global pandemic is not coming to an end very quickly. As a result, millions of photographers worldwide are stuck indoors, without work, and without a paycheck. With most social gatherings called off (or postponed indefinitely) finding lucrative jobs are difficult too. Weddings and events are still mostly out of the question. In this scenario, can photographers find alternative sources of income to sustain themselves in 2021? Photographer John Keeley has 16 suggestions that you may want to look at:

Many of these suggestions come with a caveat. Obviously, you cannot get into specialist photography genres, like weddings and real estate, overnight without the right kind of experience, gear, and portfolio. Certainly, not at the present time. But, there are some areas where you can still make some passive income and that is blogging, doing 1-on-1 photography workshops, and selling Lightroom presets.

Hopefully, you will be able to make use of one or more of these tips to make a passive income in 2021.

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