15 of the Most Mesmerizing Star Trail Photos

If you want to capture beautiful and interesting astronomical images you don’t need to have expensive equipment. You don’t even need a telescope. You just need a rich imagination, a camera with a wired trigger, and a tripod.

The easiest way to start with astrophotography is by shooting star trails, which are the result of a long exposure of the sky at night. Check out what we found:

star, trail, night, sky, island

photo by Joe Parks

mountain, star, trail

photo by Justin Kern

star, trail, lake, nature

photo by Mark Esguerra

night, sky, blue, purple, star

photo by Paul McDonald

tent, camping, star

photo by David Kingham

cross, sky, light

photo by Alfredo

mountains, light, lake, woods

photo by Jeff P

field, star, trail

photo by inefekt69

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One response to “15 of the Most Mesmerizing Star Trail Photos”

  1. These photos are incredible!! I’ll have to try that on my next trip.

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