13 Beautiful Miniatures Made With Tilt-Shift Photography

Have you ever heard of the tilt-shift effect? It’s an easy way of making the world a miniature model in which objects in the photo appear smaller than they actually are. There are two ways of getting this effect: the first is using a tilt-shift lens, and the second is using Photoshop for post-processing images. The magic behind this effect is based on the fact that a certain part of the photo is blurred to create an impression that it is a photo model. Check out what we found:

5th, avenue, minature, tilt, shift

photo by Thomas Gehrke

kawaru, river, tilt, shift

photo by Abir Anwar

city, hall, cloud, tilt, shift

photo by Sam Javanrouh

bank, ship, harbour, tilt, shift

photo by Kenny Louie

switzerland, gruyeres, tilt, shift, mountain

photo by Charles Sayer

bus, street, tilt, shift

photo by Mr.TinDC

cars, line, tilt, shift

photo by exilism

vancouver, airport, tilt, shift, plane

photo by Mohamad Zeina

Doesn’t it look amazing? You can find tips for getting started in this Tilt-Shift Photography article.

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