11 Concert Photos That Will Bring Music to Your Ears

You’ve only got three songs, no flash, low light, a crowd behind you, other photographers around you… and you need some really good shots! Whether you’re a pro concert photographer or you’re interested in becoming one, you’re bound to enjoy these exhilarating photos of musicians on stage in their element:


photo by Bob Lopez


photo by Ed Ace


photo by kris krüg


photo by Per Janus


photo by Zilba Raubach


photo by Penn State


photo by Sean Molin

If you’re just waiting for you next gig, check out some concert photography tips before you go. Enjoy the show!

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3 responses to “11 Concert Photos That Will Bring Music to Your Ears”

  1. Victor says:

    Awesome shots! Loved Ed Ace’s photo…

    Check out mine!


  2. carol Jones says:

    Great article.
    My husband is shooting some fab stuff as well.


  3. where you can find more live photos examples:
    you can also take a look at “latest work” section.
    thanks and take care.

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