11 Awe Inspiring Shots of Life Under the Sea

Successful underwater photography is usually done with specialized equipment and techniques. However, it offers exciting and rare opportunities. Animals such as fish and marine mammals are common subjects, but photographers also pursue shipwrecks, submerged cave systems, underwater “landscapes”, invertebrates, seaweed, geological features, and portraits of fellow divers. Here are some¬†wonderful photos of life underwater:


photo by Rafae|


photo by wrda


photo by Scott Thomas


photo by Marcel Panne


photo by r.gielen


photo by Cheryl


photo by Olivier ROUX


photo by Marcel Panne

Are you an underwater photographer? Show us what you’ve captured!

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One response to “11 Awe Inspiring Shots of Life Under the Sea”

  1. Giny Smith says:

    The shot with numerous jellies is from an aquarium. Not actually an underwater shot. I thought you should know that this is misrepresented.

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