11 Adorable Portraits of Baby Animals

Animal photographers need to be prepared for the unknown. They need to study the behavior and language of animals to know their every move. Shooting with long telephoto lenses from a distance is often the most practical technique. This way animals are not disturbed and we can capture a real and natural scene. But sometimes just using the same rules you’d use for a human portrait is the most effective method. Below we feature 11 beautiful examples of baby animal portraits:

cutest baby animal picutures

Photo by Stuart Webster; ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/200-second exposure.

baby animal

photo by Alice

baby animal

photo by Paul L

baby animal

photo by Paul Williams

baby animal

photo by fortherock

baby animal

photo by Robert Dann

sweet baby animal photos

Photo by Audrey; ISO 400, f/2.7, 1/25-second exposure.

If this got you thinking of photographing your own pet, check out our tips for getting better pet portraits. For more inspiration, see 20 Unbelievable Portraits of People With Real Animals!

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