10 Tips to Build Trust with Wedding Photography Clients

As a wedding photographer, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your clients are comfortable and to produce amazing work. Your time together can be phenomenal if you go about it the right way and SLR Lounge has 10 helpful tips for making the experience great for both parties:

1. Make the first image a great one.

Almost every time, the first picture you take will turn out great and build their confidence while securing their trust. This happens because the first shot is genuine and natural, setting the tone for the rest of the photo shoot.

2. Be sure to give continual praise throughout the shoot.

Always tell the couple when a pose they do or an image you take is perfect to help them feel relaxed and confident. Encourage them that what they are doing is wonderful and your work will turn out the same way!

fiancee confidence wedding photoshoot

3. Show the couple your good images throughout the photo shoot.

This helps them to see how good they look and which poses or looks to get rid of. You want them to be willing to point out what they don’t like about an image so that you can correct it after a few shots, rather than wait until the end.

4. Use positive words to describe changes that you want them to make.

Be reinforcing with your suggestions for how they position themselves. This keeps their confidence up and stops them from feeling responsible for a lackluster image.

trust pose wedding photoshoot

5. Make sure everyone is having a good time.

If both people enjoy the photo shoot, they will exude confidence and be more relaxed.

6. Make women feel beautiful with every shot.

Focus on building her self image and encouraging her to be herself. She will be more confident and show more of her personality.

smile couple wedding photoshoot

7. Educate your clients during the photo shoot.

Let them know your process for arranging shots. This helps them find their pose easier and get an idea of how much effort you’re giving them.

8. Get to know them during down moments.

Talk to your clients and build a relationship!

kiss couple wedding photoshoot

9. Discuss the wedding day and timeline.

This conversation can last the entire photo shoot and helps them be expressive and excited for their big day.

10. Over deliver on your original promise.

After the photo shoot, edit a few images and send them over right away to tease the final product. Also, set a deadline and deliver the final portfolio early to exceed your clients’ expectations.

All in all, these tips will prepare you for the wedding and help the couple look great for their big day!

“We are going to take a single photo and it’s going to be an awesome picture.”

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