10 Tips for Getting a Photography Exhibit

Many of us have dreamed of having our photography exhibited, but getting into shows takes more than just a lucky break. New York photographer Jordan Matter tells us the ins and outs of getting our work out and about:

While much of Matter’s advice runs along the lines of “inundate the world with your imagery and your videos,” he also interviews Michael Foley of the Foley Gallery in the Lower East Side. His advice is no less poignant:

“Clearly define your vision—what makes your work unique to you? Make work that only you can make…It goes beyond style, it goes beyond a signature look. It’s really the art that you need to make that will define you and distinguish you from any other photographer out there.”

This, along with building relationships and getting your work out there digitally and in paid exhibitions, is probably one of the best takeaways. While we often like to emulate others’ styles as we’re learning, the key to getting ourselves into the big leagues (beyond who you know) is really having something unique and compelling to share.

10 Tips for Exhibiting Your Photos

  1. Pay for your show.
  2. Build relationships.
  3. Have your prints ready to go.
  4. Build a strong social media presence.
  5. Develop a video presence.
  6. Share everywhere!
  7. Define your vision.
  8. Do research.
  9. Take baby steps.
  10. Think outside the gallery.
Have a strong social media presence

According to Matter, getting your work on Instagram is a must for every serious photographer. Do you agree?

Have any stories of how you got your work exhibited? Let us know your success stories!

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