10 Things We Can Learn From Professional Photographers

What makes a great photographer? Technical know-how, sure. Good equipment helps. Even a degree in the arts could give you a leg-up. But nothing compares to certain intrinsic qualities—sociability, courage, patience—that every pro photographer has:

Over the years, Digital Rev TV has dared numerous professional photographers to take on what they call the “cheap camera challenge,” in which pros have to go around the city snapping photos with a ridiculous-looking or simply inexpensive camera. Here’s what they learned:

photography challenge

1. The camera doesn’t matter so long as you tell a good story. 

2. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike you—go big or go home.

DIY camera

3. Know your camera. Even if it’s not the best, understanding its limitations is the only way to maximize its potential.

4. Don’t be awkward about taking people’s photos—you need to have social skills in public.

social photographer

5. It’s a trite saying, but patience is a virtue. Find your shot, frame it up, then wait for the moment the lighting is best.

6. If you want something, don’t fidget about it. Be decisive.

7. Even if you fail, establish your own creative style. At least your images will look unique.

professional photography tips

8. Behind every great photo is a strong concept.

9. Confidence is key. Don’t be afraid to be a badass.

10. Kai’s admiration for Chase Jarvis is evident—he says you should emulate Chase whenever possible. 

digital rev tv challenge

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