10 Sneaky Food Photography Tricks

Do you think you know the tricks that go into making food look so delicious in photographs? Think again! This video from Top Trending demonstrates and explains the various methods food photographers and advertisers use to make sure the product looks ready to eat. Some of the things they do and use will surprise you!

1. Steam

Steam adds the illusion that the food is warm and ready to eat! Photographers use wet cotton balls that release steam when they have been recently heated up.

2. Mashed Potatoes

Use mashed potatoes for filling since it lasts a long time. It can be used in place of ice cream since it won’t melt!

3. Glue

A thick layer of glue helps to keep the cereal fresh and dry.

4. Grill Marks

Since meat usually isn’t grilled for photography, grill marks are often painted on using shoe or boot polish.

5. Shaving Cream

Shaving cream holds up longer than whipped cream, won’t melt, and can be shaped how the photographer wants it to look.

6. Spray Deodorant

Fruit looks extra shiny in advertisements because it is covered in spray deodorant!

tricks advertisers food photographers use

7. Wax

Color dyed wax can be used to keep sauce consistent and thick enough for pouring photographs.

8. Cardboard

Cardboard is used in cakes to keep them upright and not messy. It can also be used to hold other foods, such as burgers, in place.

9. Paper Towels

A big roast, such as a turkey, gets stuffed with paper towels to shape the inside. It is barely cooked! Instead, an airbrush artist completes the perfect tone of a cooked turkey.

tricks advertisers food photographers use

10. Fabric Protector

Pancakes absorb syrup quickly, so photographers will use fabric protector to prevent this. They also use motor oil instead of syrup!

So, did you learn anything new about food photography? It’s fascinating! There are plenty of other tricks that they use. Can you think of any?

“It’s only sensible, if a little sneaky, for advertisers to make their products look as appealing as possible.”

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    In my wildest dreams I would never have imagine those photo tricks I just saw. quite eye opening.

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