Interesting Photo of the Day: Wilshire Grand Drone Portrait

There are many jobs out there that definitely aren’t for everyone. Some require being underwater, underground, or well above the rest of us climbing a tower or building. For those who do the climbing, they put their safety at risk to complete construction and engineering projects that would certainly stop others in their tracks. The daring aspect of this profession leads some to turn away and others to climb very, very tall structures. So, if you’re scared of heights, this job isn’t for you:

perspective viewpoint selfie

“Say Cheese” by Gary Leonard (Via Reddit)

This image shows five workers relaxing on top of the new Wilshire Grand building in downtown LA, the tallest building West of the Mississippi River. Coming in at 1,099 feet tall, this building sits next to several other very high buildings that can clearly be seen in the backdrop. Photographer Gary Leonard with the Wilshire Grand Center Project captured this amazing shot to show the height that these men scaled to get there. Let’s hope they’re all properly harnessed!

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Wilshire Grand Drone Portrait”

  1. Michael Cienfuegos says:

    The five men in this photograph are all Iron Workers. I am proud of my brother Iron Workers who helped to build this building.

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