Interesting Photo of the Day: Where Lava Meets the Ocean

Kilauea is a massive shield volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. As anyone who’s visited can tell you, it’s a frightening, awesome, captivating experience; you can walk on cracks with glowing orange lava deep beneath and feel the heat pulsating from the center of the earth. In this photo, Hawaiian photographer Tom Kualii captures beautifully the meeting of lava and ocean:

A long exposure smooths out the water and lava while keeping the sun bright behind. (Via 500px. Click for larger image.)

The shot, called “Still Flowing After Sunset”, is typical of Kualii’s majestic style. It almost resembles a watercolor painting, but the starkness of the dangerous subject matter distinctly clashes with the serenity of the background. Well composed, well thought out—and it really makes you want to visit Hawaii for something other than just beaches and sun.

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