Interesting Photo of the Day: A Wedding Photographer’s Dirty Work

Ask any wedding photographer if they feel they make enough money, and they’ll laugh. Couples tend to splurge on everything in a wedding except photography, yet the demands remain just as high, and professional photographers have to put up with it. That’s┬áprobably why the following image struck such a chord online:

wedding photographer pro

Wedding Photographer at Work (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

The photographer doing the dirty work in this case is Chris Chambers. Perhaps more wedding photographers should share their behind-the-scenes shots; it might convince more couples that a highly-skilled photographer is well worth the cost!

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3 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: A Wedding Photographer’s Dirty Work”

  1. Anthony Kelleu says:

    If he shot with a Sony A7 he wouldn’t have to get his clothes dirty like that.

  2. Murray White says:

    Any camera would do this image as the result on the left had nothing much to do with the image shown or the right. The couple could have been photographed anywhere and like this image, be put into a digitally edited background and then flipped to create the image on the left. I am not sure why a bride and groom would particularly want to try to carefully walk among the puddles and mud to be placed in such a position to be photographed. Nice job at editing and nice job to get lots of comments about how difficult it was to get the first image but then again, that could be done digitally in image editing software.

    • Rick says:

      Mr Chambers had the eye to see a boring and drab scenery and pull out a very nice image out of it.

      He got his clothes dirty and got a shot that required just a little adjusting to give it more dramatic tones, instead of spending the whole afternoon cropping, copying, pasting different photos to put that image together.

      It’s not like that’s the only picture he had to deliver, so spending days in front of a computer just to get one picture from an album is not very efficient.

      Good photography is about getting the images right in the camera, not spending hours in photoshop.

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