Interesting Photo of the Day: Vibrant Sunset in Kyrgyzstan

When the conditions are right, some places appear so otherwordly that you begin to question reality. Kyrgyzstan is blessed with many amazingly beautiful places that are sure to blow your mind if you ever saw them in person. Take for instance the following image taken by landscape photographer Albert Dros. Many would find it hard to believe that this is an actual photo of an actual location, but that’s what you get when the perfect scene meets skillful hands during the perfect conditions:

magical sunset in Kyrgyzstan

“A Magical Sunset in Kyrgyzstan” by Albert Dros (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Dros shot the photo on the south shore of Issyk-Kul lake in the northern region of Eastern Kyrgyzstan.

“The tree is actually quite small. I shot it with a 28mm and went very close to the ground so the top was separated from the horizon line. And of course, I was lucky with this beautiful sunset that gave the whole scene magic.”

We can learn a lot from the way he shot this photo. He didn’t settle for what was in front of him. By taking the time and effort to shift his perspective so the tree had a magical sky behidn it, he was able to elevate this image into something special. This also allowed him to get the dandelion and the beautiful blue flowers in the frame that add to the vibrance to the scene.

The shape of the tree, too, is an interesting aspect. While some see a figure of a person sitting on a chair, others see a person trying to balance a huge hat. What do you see?

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