Interesting Photo of the Day: Twilight San Francisco

When we speak of contrast in photography, we usually mean it in terms of color or lighting. But, skillful photographers also capture and portray contrast in terms of visual appearance, behavior, or the subject’s character. Take the following image shot by photographer Max D. in San Francisco. Besides being visually appealing, the contrast between the foreground and the background takes the image to a completely different level:

“Mesmerizing San Francisco” by Max D. (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

We can appreciate the effort that the photographer must have put in to find this vantage point. It presents an excellent view of the classic buildings in the foreground and the modern skyscrapers in the background. It’s beautiful how the tallest building appears to disappear into the clouds. This is a fantastic representation of the passage of time and how sophisticated present day architecture has become.

Besides the contrast in design, we can also notice a vast difference in the color scheme. While the foreground is more eye-catchy, the skyscrapers in the background are more or less muted. However, the lightings in the buildings do a great job of adding a bit of life and making the image more interesting.

You can definitely say that the contrast in architecture has resulted in a more dynamic photograph. It’s almost like he captured two different worlds in a single shot. What do you think?

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