Interesting Photo of the Day: Tunnel View at Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley may be one of the most photographed places in the States, even the world, but sometimes a single photograph can stand out among all the rest and really leave the viewer in awe. That’s what happened with this shot of the valley at Tunnel View, taken by photographer Orrin Hancock, who waited three hours on a cold January morning to capture the perfect scene:

yosemite valley photo

Tunnel View, Yosemite Valley by Orrin Hancock (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

The night before this picture was taken, Hancock arrived at the Camp 4 parking lot of Yosemite Valley in California’s Sierra Nevada, where he waited out a storm. He got to this spot at about 6:30 a.m. in hopes of catching the sunrise, but the storm continued to blow. Finally, after three hours of waiting, the sky began to clear and he was able to capture this beautiful shot.

Camera and Settings

  • 5D Mark III
  • 24-70mm lens
  • f/11
  • 1/30 second
  • ISO 100

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2 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Tunnel View at Yosemite Valley”

  1. Very nice photo but the view is incomplete without including Bridal Vail Fall. The clouds come and go and there must have been a better moment when Bridal Vail was exposed. Without Bridal Vail Fall your photo is pretty but lacking.
    Jodie Buschman

  2. I felt the same as Jodie Buschman. It is a lovely photo but I would have enjoyed it more without the cloud, but I guess it does make it unique.

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