Interesting Photo of the Day: Tunnel Di Pini, Italy

Tunnel Di Pini, just outside of Pisa in Italy, is often hailed as one of the best tree tunnels in the world. For photographers in the area, its hard to resist. Even non-photographers will love the mile-long walk among the epic, ancient trees. If you have no idea about the place, just have a look at the following image taken by photographer TJ Drysdale. If this image doesn’t make you feel like visiting the place, we don’t know what will:

a girl running in Tunnel Di Pini

“Tunnel Di Pini, Italy” by TJ Drysdale (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

As you can see, the beautiful arrangement of trees is really something. It looks like a fairy tale.

Besides the beautiful location, the way Drysdale has taken the photograph is pretty amazing as well. An excellent choice was getting the subject to wear a bright-colored dress: she stands out beautifully from the surroundings thanks to her outfit.

Then there’s the pose that adds so much value to this image. Her innocent pose, running into the woods, emits vibes of youth, joy and an embrace of nature. Although we cannot see her face, she sure seems to be excited and happy to be there.

Wouldn’t you love to visit the place?

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