Interesting Photo of the Day: Tulips at Daybreak

Spring has finally sprung, and today’s interesting photo shows just how beautiful it can be once the snow melts for good and the world comes back to life. Peering out of the morning mist, prepped to bloom with the rising sun, this field of tulips captured by Albert Dros brings in pops of yellows, reds, and oranges that complement the pinks and purples of dawn:

dawn tulips

“Morning Tulips” by Albert Dros (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Because he’s a native of the Netherlands, one might suspect that the photographer behind this shot might be a bit jaded by the flowering fields his country is so famous for. However, this is far from the case for Dros. He admits that he scouted for the perfect location using an online tulip-blooming radar that provides up-to-date information on where exactly to  find extraordinary scenes like this one. What’s more, he made the conscious decision to get out with his camera at 5am in order to capture the moments just before the flowers opened their petals and began to soak in the morning rays.

Equipped with a mirrorless Sony A7RIII camera and a 12–24mm lens, Dros captured the landscape in crystal clear detail, revealing that the tulips spread far beyond the horizon line. By stacking frames, Dros was able to evenly expose the sky and the field, despite the fact that the sun had only just begun to rise. Everything else seen here can be attributed to Mother Nature.

If the photographer’s purpose was to convince viewers to buy a one way ticket to Holland to witness this phenomena firsthand, he certainly achieved his goal!

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