Interesting Photo of the Day: Triumphant Ant at Sunset

For the past decade, Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov has dedicated his life to capturing a series of photos titled “Ant Tales.” Each image captures an ant (or ants) in countless human-like situations. While this amazing photo may appear to be Photoshopped, the ant is alive. Pavlov watched and waited for over 230 days to capture an ant lifting a stick at just the right angle to feature the setting sun:

weight-lifting ant

Strong Ant (Via Imgur. Ciick image to see full size.)

Pavlov’s relationship with ants began after he experienced a sudden disease where his backbone stopped working. Since he could no longer walk, he began to lie around with his camera, learning more about how to observe and to photograph ants. Throughout the years, Pavlov has made it a point to move to a countryside cottage each summer to photograph his red forest ant friends in a variety of mythical-like settings, and with each new photo, he provides a whole new meaning to the term “shutterbug”.

“…I chose ants because I respect them and their way of life.”

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