Interesting Photo of the Day: Trees Touch the Heavens

Attracted to the thrill of adventure as well as the tranquility of nature, photographer Daniel Tran captures dramatic, painterly landscapes that border on surreal. An Australian native, it’s never been difficult for Tran to find strangeness and beauty in his surroundings. The following photograph features Sugar Pine Walk, a nature trail in New South Wales. Tran emphasizes the towering might of the forest (each individual tree can grow anywhere between 40 to 60 meters high) with the juxtaposition of a human subject. Although the pine’s natural range is along the Pacific coast of North America, these Australian transplants have thrived, creating strange column silhouettes against the sky that dwarf any passersby:

If anything, this image perfectly illustrates just how vast and wonderful the world we live in really is. Filled with color and circumstance beyond our wildest dreams, the creative possibilities available to us are endless—so long as we continue looking up and ahead.

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