Interesting Photo of the Day: This Remote Island is Named After James Bond Himself

“James Bond Island” isn’t just a figure of speech. There really is an island in Thailand that has been named after 007 himself. Situated in Phang Nga bay and generally overrun with tourists, we have landscape photographer Sebleu to thank for this picturesque view of the top-heavy isle:

james bond island thailand ocean sea water floating cliff reflection 007

James Bond Island, Thailand as captured by Sebleu (Via 500px. Click to see full size.)

More popularly called James Bond Island, Ko Khao Phing Kan, was featured in the 1974 Bond movie called “The Man With the Golden Gun,” which was directed by Guy Hamilton. In the film, the island serves as the remote base for villain Francisco Scaramanga, an infamous assassin played by Christopher Lee who seeks to eliminate Bond.

Sebleu created the image at dusk using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II after the usual hoards of tourists and vendors had vacated the beach. The photograph, which Sebleu calls “X Light,” is a 131-second long exposure and was recorded at 17mm and f/10.

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