Interesting Photo of the Day: Swans Take to the Streets for UK Flooding

Photographers will often tell you that the best time to take photos outside is before, during, or after a storm. The reasons are many: diffused light, cool clouds, saturated colors (after rain), etc. However, one thing you don’t normally see on the list is swans. But it just so happens that one photographer, who decided to go shooting outside on cloudy England day after a big rain, caught a gaggle of geese (yes, that’s technically correct term) floating down a recently flooded street in Worcester:

swans river floating swimming worcester england

Swans lazily floating down a flooded street in Worcester, England (imgur)

So what do these swans have to teach us about photography, you might ask. Well, I suppose it’s about timing. You never know what all is happening outside until you get out there yourself. I’m sure this photographer has walked down that street a hundred times and never thought he’d capture anything different from it. It’s easy to get run down on seeing the same sights day after day, and you often think, how can I capture anything new in a place I already know like the back of my hand and have shot a dozens times?

Well, your timing can change everything. Whether it’s a simple change from mid-afternoon to sunset, a change from a leafy fall to a snowy winter, or a change in 30 years, sometimes the same ole, same ole, can become something quite interesting given the right amount of time.

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2 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Swans Take to the Streets for UK Flooding”

  1. sarah townley says:

    They are swans – not geese. The collective nown for swans is a Lamentation of swans (or bevy or herd). Lamentation is the most romantic.- therefore a Lamentation of swans.

  2. Sheila says:

    Cool picture, but aren’t those swans?

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