Interesting Photo of the Day: Suytun Cenote Ceremony

Cenotes and the Mayan community have a special connection. Maya people believe that cenotes are gateways to the underworld. And for this reason, they perform some special ceremonies in cenotes. Today, we can see some of those performances being done for tourism, but the religious values are still intact. Photographer and filmmaker Guillermo Alarcon took the following image in Suytun Cenote and the timing is absolutely magical:

Maya ceremony performance in a cenote

“Maya Ceremony in Suytun Cenote” by Guillermo Alarcon (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

“Cenotes were and still are partially sacred to the Maya people. They were seen as gateways to the underworld and portrayed throughout history as inner sacred sanctums.”

Alarcon took this image with his Sony A7RIII. While the get-up of he Maya people is something to talk about, the sunbeam working as a spotlight steals the show. The dance which is timed to line up with the sun’s position above the small opening to the cenote allowed him to capture this perfect photograph.

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