Interesting Photo of the Day: Sunrise Over Prague

In the striking image below, photographer, Markus Grunau, captured the Charles Bridge under a most impressive and colorful sky as the sun began to make its appearance over Prague. The bridge, a historical landmark and main point of interest for tourists to the Czech Republic, is typically bustling with people all throughout the day. But Grunau was able to beat most of the crowd to create this masterpiece:

Gorgeous colors fill the sky as the sun rises over Prague. (Via Imgur. Click for larger size.)

Armed with a Nikon D700 and a tripod, Grunau set up at daybreak to capture this rare, serene photograph. Shooting at a focal length of 100mm at 1/6 second with an aperture of f/11 at ISO 200, he was able to capture the mood and atmosphere remarkably well.

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2 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Sunrise Over Prague”

  1. Claude Beauchemin says:

    Superb, simply superb!

  2. Mike Wines says:

    Took my breath away – and such a clever composition!

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