Interesting Photo of the Day: Sunflowers and Lightning

We all know that photography requires patience. The extent of patience is subjective. For some, it might be a few minutes, and for others, it can be a few hours, days, or months. Photographer Ryan Wright persisted for 8 long years to get an image of lightning with sunflowers:

sunflowers in a storm

“Splendid Summer Severe Storm at Sunset with Sunflowers” by Ryan Wright (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Wright took the image in Denver, Colorado at f/8, ISO 50, and 1/8 second. He actually got lucky with the shot, as he caught the lightning in his frame while he was bracketing a shot to combine the sky and the foreground. And the final result is absolutely brilliant.

“For 8 years, I have been wanting to get a shot like this, lightning with the sunflowers. There are a lot of problems in that scenario, especially considering that these sunflowers have such a short time when they are in bloom.”

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